Common Complaints About The Neuropathy Support Formula

Written by Mary | Last Updated on 
September 16th, 2020 at 07:54 pm

As with any product that becomes well-known, over the last several years, a portion of the Neuropathy Treatment Group’s regular customers have registered complaints.

Some were regarding  the company’s practices, while others concerned the product itself. NTG stands by its 100% quality guarantee, and has repeatedly acted to resolve customer complaints to their satisfaction.

UPDATE: Although a few complaints have been received, we've concluded this is not the norm, and we still highly recommend Nerve Renew.

Severe Reactions

transverse carpal ligament compressed median nerve hand

Some customers have complained of strong reactions to the formula. This is deeply unfortunate, and is regretted by the NTG, but the company’s assertion that there are no common side effects to the use of their product has been called into question in response.

Each of the ingredients in Nerve Renew falls under one of two categories: it is either a widely-used vitamin supplement, or else a widely-used herbal supplement, part of the Neuropathy Treatment Group’s proprietary blend.

These supplements are all individually obtainable through other sources, and have undergone extensive individual clinical trials—some at doses far exceeding those which are present in the product itself.

There are individual allergies to some of these supplements. This is something which should be looked into with one’s doctor before beginning any new supplement regimen. The NTG cannot be held accountable for allergic reactions to a listed, publicly available ingredient.

Increased Pain After Consumption

One of the reactions which some individuals have reported after taking it is increased nerve pain. This is unfortunate, but not a side effect associated with any of the ingredients in the formulation.

The product is not aspirin. It is intended as a maintenance supplement to be taken over time, and—in some cases—it may take several days to a week for any effects to begin making themselves known.

The effect is to provide the body with the substances it needs to maintain a healthy nervous system, as well as supporting agents for pain management.

Peripheral neuropathy is a progressively degenerative condition. There are more than 100 different types of neuropathic pain, classified by cause, type, severity, and where it occurs in the body. Some underlying causes exacerbate each other.

Neuropathy Support Formula is a broad solution, which is demonstrably effective at helping individuals with neuropathy to manage their condition in general, particularly with regard to the majority cause—diabetes, which contributes to neuropathic degeneration in several ways. No single treatment in existence is effective in every case of peripheral neuropathy.

Difficulty with the Cancellation of Auto-Shipments

Nerve Renew is offered by the NTG in the form of a subscription, with customers receiving one month’s supply at a time. The initial free trial is for two weeks’ worth of the supplement, for which the customer is charged shipping and handling.

Their first paid shipment of the supplement is for the following two weeks, assuming the customer does not cancel in the meantime. Thereafter, the monthly shipment picks up as normal.

Most customers have gone out of their way to express satisfaction with the way the Neuropathy Treatment Group handles its cancelation and refund policy. The company takes great pride in its customer service, which contributes to its high rating with the Better Business Bureau.

There have been instances where cancelation was not processed in time to prevent a subsequent shipment. Aside from being the exception to the rule, the company has a proven track record of promptly dealing with these matters, issuing a full refund for any unused portion of the product upon the issue being brought to their attention.

Problems with Returns

Customers who have requested refunds will be required to return the unused portion of their product, where applicable. For obvious reasons, only whole and unopened bottles may be processed in this fashion; this is common practice for both medical and nutritional products.

The risk of redistributing products which have potentially been tampered with, outside of the company’s influence, is unacceptable.

Other issues relate to questions regarding payment and compensation. The price of one bottle, which is available internationally, is expressed in U.S. currency.

This is normally not an issue, but miscommunication has occasionally occurred. In such rare instances, the company always acts promptly to rectify any financial errors, in accordance with its no-hassle refund policy.

Email Spam

Some customers have complained about receiving spam email after purchasing the product and consenting to receive updates by email. While this is a possibility, the Neuropathy Treatment Group does not market the contact information of its customers and follows all legal requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Some individuals have reflected disappointment in the use of non-domestic advertising agencies, but this is a common practice with internet marketing; the NTG may not have control over subcontracting of advertisement services.

In response to a customer’s request, their contact information will be removed from their email list. Continued dissatisfaction has been registered by individuals who refuse to accept this as satisfactory, demanding that the business abandon common digital marketing strategy, and threatening legal action if this step were not taken.

The Better Business Bureau has never elected to take action against the Neuropathy Treatment Group on this matter, which is a sign that some customers demands can be unrealistic.