Nerve Pain Away Review: Don’t Let The “As Seen On TV” Marketing Hype Fool You! Read About The Complaints And Negative Reviews Below Before You Waste Your Money!

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May 7th, 2020 at 08:37 pm

DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend this product due to lack of reputable scientific evidence proving it's effectiveness as well as an overly complicated and difficult process in getting a refund.

Nerve Pain Away is a topical spray intended to provide nerve pain relief using natural ingredients based on homeopathy.

About the Company

Single bottle of Nerve Pain Away neuropathy spray

As with many “as seen on TV” products, it's understandable that you might be a bit skeptical of their product.

There's not a lot of information about the company itself, and while there are plentiful reviews of the product, this might make you skeptical. On the plus side, there aren't many negative reviews (but there are some) or lawsuits, so maybe they are doing something right.

Nerve Pain Away is officially approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which to be honest, doesn't say much because homeopathy is unproven and doesn't stand to scientific scrutiny.

This is a loose collection of entities that catalog and research homeopathic ingredients and while it's not like the FDA, it means that it is still an officially recognized homeopathic treatment and not just some “herbs in a jar.”

This business is not BBB accredited.

How Does It Work?

Nerve Pain Away is a topical homeopathic supplement for nerve pain that is sprayed directly on the skin to relieve diabetic nerve pain and tingling. It works fast by being absorbed directly into the area rather than having to be digested. It's made from plant extracts.

Nerve pain is caused by nerve damage where the nerve is injured and sends off “false” signals of pain, even when the area itself hasn't been damaged. There are many ways this can happen within the nervous system and the most common ways of treating them are through nutrient therapy, regulating blood sugar, physical therapy, or surgery to repair any trauma that has happened.

The first – nutrient therapy, is what Nerve Pain Away focuses on combined with ingredients that have a mild numbing effect to stop you feeling the pain by interfering with the nerve signals.


According to their website, Nerve Pain Away is made of a proprietary blend of 6 different natural herbs. These are accontium nepellus, phosphorous, rhus tosicodendron, lycopodium clavatum, hypericum perforatum and secale cornutum.

All of these are used to prevent nerve pain in different ways. The main ingredient is hypericum perforatum, also known as St. John's Wort, which is a commonly used supplement for depression.

Main Benefits

  • 100% natural product with all ingredients derived from plants and drug free. The main ingredient (St. John's Wort) is also a well-known mood booster
  • The dilution is small so there is very little risk of side effects when used topically
  • The product does not interact with common medications or prescription drugs.
  • You can be more active and enjoy your life when using this product while being pain free
  • There's no set dosing schedule so you can use as often or as little as you like
  • It works for other types of nerve pain like back and joint aches as well
  • Rapid absorption rate means no rubbing in, greasy hands, and rapid results
  • It's ideal for long term relief since there are no side effects and no addictive qualities like prescription pain medications

Side Effects

Checking any of the individual ingredients on authority sites like WebMD may have you a little nervous as almost all of them have severe adverse side effects. But, as with many medications it is the dosage that is most important.

Nerve Pain Away uses a 10¯²⁴ dilution which means that for each part of the ingredients in 100 parts they have been diluted 12 times. This is actually the smallest possible dilution while still remaining guaranteed that all the ingredients are present.

Regular tap water contains a certain portion of lead and if you were to compare this amount to that lead the amount would actually be billions of times higher than this dilution.

The two most noted elements which can cause side effects are accontium nepellus and secale cornutum which can cause vision problems, spasms, nausea, vomiting, sweating, breathing problems, convulsions, gangrene, confusion, paralysis, loss of consciousness and in the extreme case, death.

Rhus tosicodendron is actually poison ivy, something which many people are knowingly allergic to. The side effects of this are much the same as if you had direct contact with the plant – swelling, blisters, redness, loss of sight, swelling of the cornea, and skin destruction.

Phosphorous in high doses is a known carcinogen. The side effects are similar to other elements including nausea and vomiting, headache, weakness, numbness, diarrhea, tiredness, and increased thirst. Phosphorous is found in many foods and is a micronutrient which our bodies need to stay healthy – as long as we consume only small amounts.

When looking at the side effects it seems that the dilution process is probably providing you with only a tiny dose of any of these, so the likelihood of experiencing any severe side effects would depend on your sensitivity to them and whether or not you have any allergies to each.

Most of the side effects relate to this rather than anything wrong with the product itself. Allergic reactions can occur from any product including conventional medications, so use caution when trying a homeopathic product like Nerve Pain Away for the first time if you haven't used these ingredients before.

Customer Complaints

  • The biggest complaint is the small size of the bottles in relation to the price.
  • Many people say the product doesn't work or isn't effective
  • This works more for burning pain sensations than sharp pain
  • The process to take it is very specific and requires hand washing afterwards or you may end up with irritation (especially if you get it in your eyes)
  • You have to monitor your blood sugar closely, especially if you are at risk for diabetes because this may mask diabetic nerve pain for undiagnosed diabetics
  • It does not stop the pain completely, merely lessen it

According to a review on, one customer was disappointed in the size of the product:

Customer complaint of Nerve Pain Away spray supplement

Online Reviews: What Customers Say About It

Most reviews admit that the product is expensive. In fact, people say that it is simply “overpriced” because of the small size of the bottles without realizing that the dosing is very small specifically to avoid any adverse reactions. Even customers who have had good reactions to the product are leery of the high price:

“.. it is expensive, and I probably won't use it unless I need too to function. Or because pain is so bad. If it wasn't so high, I would use it daily.”

Another common customer comment is that the size of the bottle is small compared to the price. While it's essentially saying the same issue as the product being expensive it's important to stress the risk of overdosing on the natural components and the risks.

“When I received the two bottles, I couldn't believe how small they were. ….... It is not worth the cost, and to have to pay shipping is ridiculous because they could have used a much smaller box.”

Most customers with diabetic nerve pain experience issues in their hands and feet and while there's some lessening of pain, the general consensus is that it actually works better for neck and back pain than nerve pain from diabetes.

Nerve Pain Away review by an unhappy customer

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day money back guarantee (not including shipping and handling) which involves contacting the company, getting an authorization, then sending the product back with your information. Part of the guarantee also includes arbitration which means you agree to any issues being solved directly with the company and waive the right to go to court.


When deciding if Nerve Pain Away is right for you then you should still follow your doctor's advice and continue taking any medications as well. There are no listed interactions between Nerve Pain Away and conventional medications but again, everyone is different.

Do not substitute your regular medications for this and if you're pregnant, nursing, or considering giving the product to a child under 18, you should consult with your health care provider first and tell them about the exact products you're looking to take.

Whether Nerve Pain Away will be effective for you is often on a case by case basis because your individual nutrient balances and needs will be different from other customers.

Where to Buy

You can buy Nerve Pain Away directly from the company on their website. When doing this you'll get the first bottle for $19.99 then an option to purchase an additional bottle for a $5.95 fee so you'll get two bottles for a total of $25.94.

There is also a “deluxe” version of the product available which comes in a bigger bottle that is 50% more at $10 per bottle (or $29.99 each).

Each normal sized bottle contains 60 applications and is about the size of a small essential oil bottle. This doesn't seem a lot, but when you consider that the side effects for high doses are potentially harmful, it's understandable that these “doses” are small.

Each deluxe bottle contains 90 applications and for two of the deluxe sized bottles your total would be $45.94. All purchases include free shipping and there is an additional $1 fee for ordering online versus over the phone. You can pay with most major credit cards and PayPal.

Avoid buying from third-party companies like Amazon or Walmart because these may be old stock or fakes and do not come with any guarantees.

Alternative Supplements

There are literally dozens of other homeopathic spray nerve pain supplements available out there, most of them are quite similar.

Nerve Renew is a capsule, rather than a spray this means that your dosage will be much more precise. You also get a lot more of the ingredients for the price compared to Nerve Pain Away so it's a much more economical choice.