Nerve Align Review: Does it Really Work?

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November 13th, 2020 at 07:09 pm

Nerve Align is a relatively new supplement that aims to act as medication for nerve pain, nerve damage, and general neuropathy through completely natural means.

Designed by James Browning, whose parents suffered from neuropathy, the concept is based on a lack of certain elements in the typical American diet that can make people more susceptible to nerve pain and related issues.

The concept, as a whole, is based on an 'arctic fat' that Browning discovered being used by a Siberian tribe - one that was able to prevent them from suffering neuropathy at any point during their lives.

This led to the current version of Nerve Align, which is supposed to be part pain relief and part nerve pain treatment backed up by his personal research.

But does it really work? That's what we're going to cover in this review.

What is it supposed to treat?

Browning's Nerve Align is a multi-purpose treatment, and the website states that using Nerve Align as part of a treatment program can help users get rid of conditions or ailments such as:

  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Heart disease
  • Depressive disorders
  • Crohn's Diseases
  • Diabetes (presumably both types)
  • Specific types of cancer
  • Sepsis
  • General nerve pain

How Nerve Align Promises To Help Neuropathy

Still, the main focus is nerve and neuropathy, which is generally the most important part for people who are interested in trying Nerve Align.

This includes things such as peripheral neuropathy, issues with nerve cells and/or the myelin sheath, or even the ability to have a nerve renew itself through natural repairs.

Nerve Align is primarily meant to heal nerve damage first and foremost, as well as prevent similar issues from re-occurring in the future.

When it comes to nerve health, Nerve align can do multiple useful things as a supplement, including:

  • Boost overall energy for repairs
  • Strengthen nerves and increase nerve density
  • Stimulate the regeneration of nerve cell tissue
  • Reduce nerve numbness and pain
  • Improve long-term nerve health

Nerve Align is, as the name suggests, very focused on keeping nerves healthy and safe.

How Does Nerve Align Work?

1 bottle of Nerve Align supplement

Nerve Align takes a lot of inspiration from the Inuit population and specifically focuses on the 'Inuit Paradox': the idea that Inuit people are able to remain healthier than the average human while subsisting on a much less varied diet, and being able to stave off all kinds of diseases and conditions while mostly only eating fresh meat and fish.

However, upon looking closer, this also includes certain fats from food items like seal blubber and crab: these fats supplement their bodies and give them much more resistance to nerve damage, allowing their nerve cells to repair effectively and endure much more.

The same general idea has been used in Nerve Align, with the overall concept being to supplement the user's body by adding specific fats that can boost nerve-related functions.

The Inuit Paradox

In theory, following a diet based on the Inuit Paradox would provide a range of benefits. For one, it would strengthen nerves and remove the need for treatment of nerve pain, but it can also reduce the amount of numbness a person suffers during certain situations.

Alongside that is the reduction in pain from non-nerve damage, such as cuts, stabs, stings, and burns. Reduced stress and an increase in energy are also technically possible, as is improved coordination and better sleeping cycles.

While nerve align isn't a full replacement for this kind of diet, the supplement takes a lot of ideas from it and applies them in a new way. Taking it regularly should offer many of these benefits in the long-term, especially when the user is already relatively healthy. As you would expect, people who suffer from neuropathy can use it as a treatment: nerve pain is one of the biggest focuses.

Nerve Align Ingredients

Nerve Align contains EPO-based Omega 3 fat molecules as the main ingredient, which act as nerve damage treatments and body repair boosters that can renew nerve damage quickly.

This also encourages your body to absorb other components, including Alpha Lipoic Acid: in fact, Alpha Lipoic Acid is another of the main ingredients, specifically targeting neuropathy symptoms in the body.

Alongside that is Vitamin B1, a form of Vitamin B that assists with nerve damage even further, and Turmeric, a golden spine that can act as a pain reliever and inflammation reducer.

EPOs, as mentioned before, are the main ingredient. EPOs (Emolsufied Phospholipid Omega 3s) are able to help your nerve cells absorb more nutrients that might be lacking - this lack of nutrients can be one of the biggest causes of intensified nerve pain. These EPOs can boost it by up to 13% on average, or sometimes even more.

The specific type of Vitamin B used (benfotiamine) forms a protective layer around the user's nerves, like a second myelin sheath. Like the body's normal myelin sheath, this has multiple positive side effects, including better protection from damage and long-term nerve health.

None of these ingredients are dangerous when taken in controlled amounts. The Vitamin B1 (which is similar to regular Vitamin B) boosts the function of the Alpha Lipoic, providing even more pain relief without needing you to take an extra source of Vitamin B1.

Nerve Align Side Effects

The nature of Nerve Align means that it is not inherently dangerous, and most of the ingredients (such as Vitamin B1) are extremely unlikely to harm you. However, misusing the supplement can still put you in danger.

People with serious body health conditions or critical physical issues might want to check with a doctor first, especially if the problems can impact the way that their nerve damage will be repaired. Neuropathy from some sources might also be only one of the symptoms of a more significant problem, so a proper diagnosis is a good idea if you haven't already had one.

As with all supplements, using too much is dangerous. Even with serious cases of peripheral neuropathy, the user should make sure that they don't give their body too much Nerve Align.

Nerve Align is relatively safe compared to other supplement treatments, but that doesn't make it perfectly safe all of the time, especially when it comes to serious medical conditions.

However, compared to most nerve damage treatments, Nerve Align is nearly harmless. Using the Nerve Align supplement responsibility shouldn't cause any problem in most people, and only minor reactions in others.

How To Use Nerve Align

Nerve Align supplements come as Nerve Align capsules, with two a day being the ideal dose. People with heart conditions, blood circulation troubles, or other major health problems should obviously consult a doctor first, especially if their body is suffering from multiple conditions.

Nerve Align comes in a regular supplement pill form, with an upper limit of two pills a day being the recommended dosage. Each standard bottle contains 60, which can cover a month if two are used per day.

There aren't any special techniques or specific times to take Nerve Align, either: they are regular supplement pills that can be taken at essentially any time, although people with existing medication or other supplement programs might want to avoid taking them all at the same time.

Dose Consistency

Consistent use has the best results when taking Nerve Align. While skipping a day can still allow the supplement to work, the benefits and positive side effects won't be as noticeable.

Longer breaks or pauses in taking Nerve Align consistently can also make it harder for some of the more important benefits to occur, with only the basic ones affecting your body.

Is it supported by science?

The research that went into Nerve Align was all focused on the idea of the 'Inuit Paradox,' as mentioned before. Researching this took a lot of information gathering across multiple age groups, and while the exact sources that Browning used aren't listed, the Paradox itself has been written about hundreds of times.

While it mostly gets used as proof that people can avoid getting a heart condition by changing their diet, Nerve Align uses it as proof that a supplement could potentially replicate the same conditions and give somebody the same benefits.

Nerve Align, like many supplement products, is based on giving the human body something that it doesn't have. While the B vitamins are easy to get from other sources, specific Omega 3 fatty acids that are a major part of the Paradox don't appear in the diet of the average United States citizen (or, if they do, not in large amounts).

Nerve Align is supposed to provide the niche diet elements needed to give somebody those health benefits without forcing them to change how they eat.

Customer Service

Of course, buying Nerve Align is best done straight from the main website, but how does the service stack up? The biggest draw is the money-back guarantee: if Nerve Align doesn't help your body or seems to be incompatible with another diet or supplement you are following, you have 180 days to get your money back on the product.

This is great for people who get the supplement before talking to a doctor, just in case Nerve Align turns out to be a poor choice for a program they are already following.

You can easily look up customer reviews of Nerve Align if you want more details about what it can offer and how the purchase process goes, or even contact the brand directly through their email address to ask niche questions about Nerve Align directly.

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Should I Use Nerve Align?

Nerve Align is a good product for people who suffer from nerve damage or other types of nervous system pain. While it might not be the perfect solution to every single problem, it seems much safer than other supplement options, especially those that act as artificial painkillers.

By skipping any of this artificial pain-numbing, Nerve Align also avoids putting your heart, circulation, or overall health at risk, and there aren't many ingredients that can cause bad reactions in an unprepared user.


  • All-natural.
  • Very safe, even when used daily.
  • Doesn't have any of the same risky side effects as other supplements.
  • Very good at treating neuropathy, nerve damage, nerve pain, etc.
  • Easy to take - just two pills a day.
  • One bottle can last an entire month.


  • Shouldn't be taken if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from an unknown and not-yet-diagnosed issue.
  • It isn't as effective if you miss or skip daily doses.
  • Might need to be taken carefully if you use other supplements too.

Should You Try Nerve Align?

If you are interested in using Nerve Align to treat issues with your nerves, then don't hesitate to try it. It is a much safer option that doesn't carry the same risks as painkillers or artificial nerve treatments, and the ability to get your money back if something goes wrong means that you aren't forced into using them as soon as you purchase them.

Not only that, but Nerve Align appears to have actual research behind it, something that many other supplement companies can't fully prove.

Obviously, some people will benefit from it more than others, and you might find that it is more effective for certain conditions or types of nerve damage than others. If you are really worried that it might cause problems with your body, talk to a doctor – it is better to get a professional opinion if you aren't confident that it will go well.

So, is Nerve Align worth using? Probably, yes. If you feel like you need a reliable way to help your nerves repair in the long run, it can be a good choice, and you won't be putting yourself in danger if you use it carefully.

However, don't rush to buy Nerve Align before considering other proven and reputable alternatives like Nerve Renew by the Neuropathy Treatment Group.

Backed by a 365 day money back guarantee, this supplement has changed the lives of over 100,000 people suffering from neuropathy symptoms.