8 Simple Hand Exercises For Your Neuropathy That You Can Easily Do Anywhere

Written by Mary | Last Updated on 
November 23rd, 2019 at 09:58 pm

Dealing with peripheral neuropathy can sometimes be very annoying.

The dull throb of the pain that consistently checks in with you from time to time can make life difficult. Most people turn to neuropathy supplements, which are a safe and effective option.

However, the supplements might not help you deal with the pain fully. A combination of other things such as a healthy diet, stress-free environment, and exercise can help you get there.

Don’t worry, these exercises are pretty simple. In fact, they are habit forming and a great way to relieve the stress and pain whenever you feel like it.

You don’t need a quiet corner to perform them. Whether you are at a party or sitting in the office, you can take a break and do them while relaxing in your chair.

The good news is that you don’t need any kind of complex equipment to perform these exercises, not even a hand gripper. All you need is a stress ball or similar object. Wear loose clothing so that your hand movements are not restricted.

8 Hand Exercises for Neuropathy

1. Finger Pad Press Slide

This exercise is like playing a secrete game with your fingers. Press your index finger’s padded part to the thumb pad on one hand. Now, slide your index finger down the thumb’s length. Do this for all fingers; switch to the middle finger, the ring finger, and finally the pinky finger.

Once you are done with one hand, work on the other. You can do this exercise anytime you feel pain in your hand. It slightly stretches the fingers and relieves the pressure.

2. Touch and Stretch

The touch and stretch exercise tests the strength of your fingers. Form a circle by connecting your index finger and thumb. Your hand should resemble the “OK” gesture. Stretch wide all the fingers and then press hard forming the circle. You will feel slight pressure as you try to open and stretch the circle.

Do this on all five fingers and on both hands. You should do this exercise at least five times a day.

3. Thumb Circles

The thumb circles are another easy exercise that you can do anywhere. Place your hands together as if you are praying. You can touch the pads of the fingers or intertwine them. Keep the fingers loose so that you can move them freely.

You know how you twiddle your thumbs? Well, you have to do exactly that. Slide the right thumb pad along the length of the left thumb. Repeat this at least a dozen times. The real challenge here is that you need to keep your fingers completely still.

4. Finger Taps

The finger tap exercise is exactly what it says. Find a comfortable situation on a chair or a sofa and place your feet on the ground. Put your hands on your thighs, palms side down. Take a deep breath and then raise your thumbs. Wait for 3 seconds and then lower them. Repeat one by one for each finger and then start over. Since this exercise requires your complete attention, try doing it whenever you are sitting idle.

5. Ball Roll

For this exercise, you will need a stress ball. If you don’t have one, you can use a small stuffed toy instead.

Hold the ball and in the palm of your hands and give it a couple of squeezes. Bring your hands together in a prayers potion and hold the ball with the palm of your hands. Now roll the ball with your palm slowly upwards towards the fingers and then roll it back down. Keep the motions circular and make sure that your finger doesn’t open. This exercise not only allows you to lessen the neuropathy pain but also relaxes you.

6. Fist Bends

Fist bends allow you to keep your finger muscles active. It’s a great way to boost blood flow. Raise your right hand to eye level and spread apart your fingers. Slowly form a fist and keep the thumb out. The fist should be loose. Hold the fist for three seconds and slowly unfurl he fingers. Repeat this at least eight times and then switch to your left hand.

7. Fingers to Thumb

This exercise also improves blood circulation. In fact, the simple movement of the thumb and fingers increases dexterity while doing activities.

Find a comfortable position on a sofa and relax. Bring your hand in front of you with your palm facing your face. Rest your elbow on your thigh and take a deep breath. Touch the thumb pad to the index finger pad and press lightly. Wait for a few seconds and press again. Now slide the thumb down and back up again. Repeat the movements with the fingers.

You can either do this on one hand or use both hands and alternate with the fingers. This exercise requires your complete attention. When pressing the pads of the thumbs and fingers, feel the pressure applied and being lifted away. This will calm you and reduce the pain.

8. Finger Curls

Finger curls exercise allows you to increase mobility, strengthen joints and improve circulation. As a result, there’s less discomfort and pain. It is a straightforward exercise that requires precise movement and pressure.

Sit down in a chair and raise both your hands, palms facing each other. Bring them in a prayer position and make sure that the thumbs and fingers align perfectly. Keep the fingers straight at a 90° angle.

Now slowly push the fingers of one hand on the other, forming an inverted “L”. Your hand will curl slightly and put pressure on the joints. Now push the other hand fingers and repeat 10 times. Once you are done with both hands, start with individual fingers.

As you will move down towards the pinky finger, you will find that the fingers curl automatically. It’s alright. Try to straighten them as much as possible. Repeat on each finger twice and then break apart your hands. Shake your hands to loosen the muscles.


And there you go, eight simple hand exercises for your neuropathy that you can do every day. Stick to a schedule for the difficult exercises that require your attention and do the rest whenever you get the time. Depending on the severity and type of neuropathy you have, you may also want to add foot exercises to your daily routine.