Is Emuaid A Safe Effective Treatment For Neuropathy or Nerve Pain? Read Our Full Review Below Before You Buy!

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June 18th, 2020 at 07:12 pm

In the United States alone, over 20 million individuals suffer from some form of nerve pain or neuropathy, with the actual figure estimated to be much higher due to those yet to be diagnosed.

Further, recent research has demonstrated that around 15.7% of pain reported by individuals has some sort of neuropathic component to it.

Given the prevalence of neuropathy among the US population, a significant focus has been placed on researching the underlying causes, progression and potential treatment options.

While an ounce of prevention is quite often, as they say, worth a pound of pain, many individuals still opt for pain management in the form of over the counter and prescription pain killers as the first line of treatment.

More Prescriptions Drugs is Not Always the Right Answer

Prescription medication, while often the “go to” for pain management, isn’t always the best form of treatment for painful chronic neuropathy nerve pain.

Further, some individuals might not like the idea of taking an excessive amount of prescription drugs, with the potential for negative side effects, interactions and long term complications associated with them being a major turn off.

Others yet may find themselves disappointed in the results they experience from prescription medication for the treatment of their neuropathy nerve pain.

Luckily, today there exists a wide array of holistic and natural treatments that have been proven effective for treating, alleviating and improving symptoms of nerve pain.

Natural Alternative Therapeutic Options – Do They Work?

Among those alternative therapeutic aids often recommended by medical and holistic practitioners include topical treatments to help heal and soothe localized neuropathy symptoms. A common topical treatment readily available on the market is topical capsaicin cream.

Below are a couple of examples of proven topical ingredients that show promise.


Ever wonder what it is in chili peppers that gives them their spicy, heat-inducing characteristic? This notable effect is due to the presence of capsaicin. While chili peppers bring the heat to some of our favorite dishes, this same characteristic can be utilized in order to dull the sensation of pain that individuals suffering from neuropathy feel.

When people first apply capsaicin cream to their skin, they will feel a burning and irritating sensation that will fade after some time. Still, there are other individuals who simply cannot tolerate the feeling of a capsaicin-based cream.

Lidocaine Patches

Lidocaine patches are another form of topical cream that work by dulling the area of the skin that the patch is placed on. Many individuals find these patches helpful, but there are a number of known side effects that come with these patches.

People have reported feeling drowsy, dizzy, and numb while using the patches. Because of this, everyday use of lidocaine patches is not advised.

What Makes Emuaid so Special?

Despite the availability of individual ingredients, some of which may offer mild relief, those suffering from neuropathic pain are often left seeking a comprehensive solution that combines the best of those natural ingredients researched for efficacy and reliability.

Emuaid homeopathic medicine

Speer Laboratories, the manufacturer of Emuaid, was founded by the late Richard Nocolo.

Nocolo sought to turn Speer Laboratories into a leading, forward-thinking research and development company structured around a holistic approach to wellness. 

Since their inception, they have focused their efforts on developing holistic therapeutic products and impactful supplements that improve the quality of life for their customers.

As a family-run, socially responsible, independent company, the makers of Emulaid have the freedom to pursue their passion, placing our customers first and committing to providing world-class products that make a difference.

Further, all Emuaid products are manufactured in an FDA registered over the counter drug and homeopathic drug facility.

The Facts on Emuaid

Emuaid is a holistic product that is commonly used in the treatment of neuropathy. This natural cream takes a 3-pronged approach, acting as a topical antiseptic, topical analgesic, and an anti-inflammatory cream, which makes it one of the best ways for those suffering from nerve pain to treat and alleviate the symptoms of neuropathy by using a homeopathic remedy.

Emuaid’s Main and Additional Ingredients

The main and active ingredient in Emuaid is “argentum metallicum,” also known by its more common name, “silver”. Argentum metallicum is best known in homeopathic remedies for its purported ability to improve a wide variety of conditions that include neuropathy nerve pain.

emuaid ingredients

Emuaid incorporates the silver within a proprietary blend of oils and other complementary ingredients to help alleviate or completely halt the pain that originates from nerve disorders or condition. 

Some of the more common ingredients found in Emuaid include a combination of amino acids, vitamin E, and probiotics.

Together, these ingredients work to form a broad-spectrum serum/cream that helps provide relief of nerve pain.

What does all this mean? 

For starters, there are no steroids, chemicals, artificial preservatives, or other dangerous ingredients in this particular formulation. Therefore, people suffering from painful neuropathy nerve pain will be able to naturally treat symptoms associated with their neuropathy.

Are Topical Treatments Effective?

There has been a long-standing debate among the medical community as to whether topical treatments are effective in treating and healing neuropathy nerve pain. Even though neuropathy is a condition that negatively affects the nerves, it is entirely possible that a topical cream can help to alleviate and even heal the pain that is associated with the condition.

Topical treatments are designed to be absorbed through the skin and even into the bloodstream. This means that it is logical for topical treatments to be effective in the healing and treatment of nerve pain.

Topical Creams Have Very Few Side Effects

A recent study found that topical applications such as creams, oils and salves have a low risk of side effects and interactions with other drugs or medications. The same study also discovered that topical treatments also have satisfactorily relieved neuropathy nerve pain according to those patients who used them.

The study in question concentrated its efforts on studying localized neuropathic pain syndromes and how topical anesthetics — local and general, and muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, capsaicin, antidepressants, salicylates, and combinations of these affected the symptoms of localized neuropathic pain. The study concluded that topical treatments do have a positive impact on symptoms of nerve pain.

The Study Concerning 5 Percent Lidocaine

Yet another study compared topicals with oral medications. The study concluded that topical treatments should not be the first line of defense for the treatment or mediation of neuropathy and associated symptoms.

It also concluded, however, that topical treatments should still be considered and used as a form of treatment for neuropathy, especially if oral medications were not a suitable option for the patient.

Lidocaine 5 percent did not perform as strongly as oral medications. Along with the lidocaine, a patch of 8 percent capsaicin was also used. The study found that the capsaicin patch out-performed the lidocaine patch.

Researchers felt that topical treatments were not out of the range of possibilities when it comes to treating neuropathy nerve pain. If these studies did one important thing, it was that they made a great case for Emuaid’s effectiveness as a topical treatment for nerve pain.

The Study Focusing on Capsaicin

A study using 277 individuals concluded that capsaicin proved beneficial for a majority of the individuals involved despite the prominence of adverse mild side effects. The study required individuals to check in at two, four, six, and eight weeks throughout the full eight-week long trial period.

All patients involved in the study were diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy that resulted in them experiencing pain on a daily basis. Patients who used the topical treatments reported less pain and more overall relief. This proved to researchers the effectiveness of topical creams in the treatment of neuropathy nerve pain.

Are Homeopathic Remedies Really Effective?

The wide-array of studies conducted on nerve pain concluded that patients using topical treatments for nerve pain experienced positive results. If a person is searching for a study on Emuaid, then trials done for chemical medications will not be of any use.

When using Emuaid, it is best to take it day by day and see how the pain reacts to the topical treatment. Aside from the trials done with chemical medications, there has been research conducted that clearly shows the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies.

These studies have proven that remedies similar to Emuaid may help relieve the painful symptoms of neuropathy.

Topical Creams in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Another study was done on patients who were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The study, though observational, showed that there was an improvement in nerve pain with continued use of a homeopathic treatment such as Emuaid over the use of traditional pain medications.

In fact, the quality of life score improved for those who used homeopathic treatments. Likewise, glycated hemoglobin and blood glucose were also lowered. It’s also important to note that the treatment was more affordable for the participants than the traditional medical treatment.

Where Does Emuaid Factor Into This?

Given that research exists today which proves the efficacy of topical homeopathic options to help treat neuropathy, it is reasonable to say that homeopathic treatments like Emuaid may help to solve and heal neuropathy issues.

One of Emulaid’s key active ingredients is silver, a metal that has shown promise with regards to positively improving overall health parameters in humans.

Individuals with nerve pain should consider using Emuaid as a topical treatment for neuropathy nerve pain because there are no associated side effects or adverse reactions linked to the product.

Along with all of the ingredients in Emuaid, it also has vitamins that can further provide relief, healing, and comfort over conventional prescription medications.

Other natural treatments include supplements designed specifically for neuropathy and nerve pain relief, with one of the most popular formulas being Nerve Renew.

Closing Thoughts on Emuaid for Neuropathy 

Emuaid is a safe, effective, and gentle alternative in the treatment of neuropathy nerve pain. Thanks to clinical and scientific research that demonstrates the effectiveness of topical homeopathic treatments,

Emuaid ranks among the best, most beneficial homeopathic options to consider for the treatment of nerve pain, due in part its effectiveness and minimal side effects.