Neuropathy Support Formula Reviews: What Customers Have to Say

Written by Mary | Last Updated on 
June 29th, 2020 at 10:46 pm

The Neuropathy Support Formula (now known as Nerve Renew) has positively affected the lives of thousands of people, all of the world, who were previously struggling with the debilitating symptoms of peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage.

Some of those individuals have elected to make the Neuropathy Treatment Group aware of their positive experiences, and to thank them through public testimonial.

The following reviews are all from real customers who have experienced the benefits of this revolutionary treatment for recurring nerve pain and degeneration.

Experiences May Differ

As with any drug or nutritional supplement, not everyone will experience the same benefits from the use of the product, as shown in our post about the complaints.

Some people will see no change at all, while others will experience varying degrees of improvement—and the supplement does require time in which to work.

The following accounts are those of real customers who consented to have their stories shared online, so that other people might come to know the relief associated with this innovative supplement for nerve pain.

The ingredients are safe. The first two weeks are free; there’s nothing to lose in giving it a try!

Carla in North Carolina

Carla’s mother was 77 years old when she first experienced crippling neuropathic pain. It made the already difficult task of getting around nearly impossible. Not only that, but Carla’s mother also suffers from epilepsy, a disorder which is made far worse by lack of sleep. The sleepless nights she experienced due to her neuropathy were taking a serious toll on her health.

Four years later, Carla came upon an online advertisement for the product, which she purchased on her mother’s behalf. Within three weeks, she wrote to the NTG, to thank them for their product. Carla’s mother has experienced a dramatic reduction in her pain levels; she isn’t completely pain-free, but she can walk again, as well as sleep through the night. Her mood has improved, and her health has taken a turn for the better.

Willy in Vancouver

Willy was told by doctors that the pain and numbness in his feet and toes would get better on its own—or, if it didn’t, that he’d simply have to learn to cope with it for the rest of his life. When he persisted in trying to find treatment, he was eventually referred to an expensive neuropathy specialist, whose waiting list put Willy’s first appointment at several months into the future.

Within the first two weeks of trying the supplement Nerve Renew—before he’d exhausted his supply of the free trial of the supplement—the numbness and tingling in Willy’s toes had completely gone away. He reports that his pain was greatly reduced, and is much easier to manage, and credits the product with giving him his life back.

Bill in North Carolina

Like many people, Bill took medication to manage the burning pain and tingling sensation in his legs and feet. In his case, Bill had been taking up to 4800mg of prescription drugs each day for almost nine years. This added up to a huge expense, and the worst part of it was how much pain and inconvenience Bill had to deal with despite being on the drugs. They helped, but not as much as anyone would be forgiven for expecting, given that level of investment.

According to Bill, who has been taking the product for four months as of his writing, his symptoms—including both pain and mobility issues—are down by about 95%. He credits the supplement not only with improving his quality of life, but with saving him a lot of money each month.

Ray in Utah

Ray’s neuropathy symptoms were going on four and a half years before he found Neuropathy Support Formula. By that time, as he describes it, his feet felt as though he were “walking on gravel” during routine everyday activities. It greatly restricted his lifestyle through continuous pain and discomfort. Among Ray’s symptoms was a common problem among sufferers of peripheral neuropathy: cold, numb soles of the feet. This often leaves people with the condition unable to sleep at night.

Within six months of taking the supplement, Ray reports that his symptoms are almost entirely gone, allowing him to resume daily activities which he’d never thought to be able to do again. They only returned once: he felt the edge of tingling and numbness when, several months after experiencing the effects of the supplement for the first time, he decided not to reorder for one month. After getting back on the regimen, the symptoms have once more receded.

George in South Africa

Many people experience a partial reduction in symptoms after taking the supplement. This is often more than expensive drugs have been able to provide, and it allows them to get on with their lives. However, others have experienced virtually complete relief of their symptoms. One such individual, George from South Africa, has said that he was first able to ride his motorcycle again—after three and a half years of progressive peripheral neuropathy—after two months on Nerve Renew.

George has experienced the regrowth of hair on parts of his legs which had previously been numb. At night, during the worst of his symptoms, his pain was so intense that he would lie awake and hyperventilate. All of that is now gone, allowing George to resume the day-to-day activities he has very much missed in the interim.