Before You Buy Nerve Renew, Read This Review to Learn About The Ingredients, How It Works, Potential Side Effects and Complaints

Have you heard about Nerve Renew but you're still wondering if it will work for you?

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Here at Neuropathy Help, we provide resources and tools to help people cope and heal from the symptoms of neuropathy and nerve pain.

Since we started this site in 2016, we've come across all types of neuropathy treatments, vitamins, herbs, and creams all promising big results - but few actually work.

So naturally when we discovered a product called Nerve Renew - we were very skeptical.

Could this be a working solution for people with  pain? Would it actually help relieve the awful tingling, burning and throbbing sensations people with neuropathy are all too familiar with?

We weren't sure... so we decided to dive deep into researching about the company. We read many scientific studies about the ingredients. We also learned what makes them more effective than other products on the market.

After all was said and done, we were really surprised with what we found.

If you are considering purchasing Nerve Renew, then you must read this review carefully and consider all of the facts so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Who Is The Neuropathy Treatment Group?

The mission of the Neuropathy Treatment Group is two fold. First, the company aims to produce a product that actually helps ease the pain of neuropathy. Second, the company aims wow its customers with terrific customer service.

The company is based in Boise, Idaho and has a local support team that goes above and beyond to make sure customers are happy. The team reads and responds to all customer inquiries and comments.

The Neuropathy Treatment Group isn’t just based in Boise. It also produces the product there. When you order, you have the assurance that you’re supporting American workers and an American company.

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The Ingredients

Nerve Renew contains three primary active ingredients:

  • Methylcobalamin (also known as Methyl-B12)
  • Benfotiamine (a new form of B1)
  • Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
A list of ingredients in Neuropathy Support Formula

All of the ingredients used in the Neuropathy Support Formula have been shown to reduce the symptoms and discomfort of neuropathy. In addition to the three active ingredients, the supplement contains a number of herbal extracts and vitamins that also help minimize nerve pain or pain in general.

The product contains vitamin B2 and vitamin B6, both of which help promote nerve health, particularly in small doses. Two capsules contain 8mg of vitamin B6, which is 400% of the recommended daily value. Two capsules also contain 8 mg of vitamin B2, which is 480% of the recommended daily value.

The Herbal extracts used includes Feverfew, Passionflower and Skullcap Extract. Feverfew, a flower in the daisy family, has been shown to minimize pain and inflammation in number of clinical studies. Passionflower extract can help reduce anxiety and stress and skullcap extract helps to calm the nerves.

Another ingredient in the formula is Oat Straw Extract. If you’ve ever bathed in oatmeal to relieve itchiness, you know that oats can successfully soothe and calm itching skin. Oat straw has a number of other benefits too.

How Does It Work?

These active ingredients have been shown to have a positive effect on nerve pain. B vitamins and Alpha Lipoic Acid have been shown time and again to ease nerve pain. But there’s one problem with many of the B vitamin and ALA supplements available.

It’s difficult for the body to absorb certain forms of B vitamins. For example, many nerve pain supplements use thiamine, a type B1 vitamin. The human body doesn’t absorb thiamine as well as it should. That means that even in high doses, a lot of the vitamin passes out of the body without providing any benefit.


The Neuropathy Support Formula contains a different type of B1 called benfotiamine. The structure of benfotiamine is an open ring. The vitamin is able to pass easily into cells.

In fact, the body is usually able to absorb 3.6 times more benfotiamine than thiamine. A 2005 study involving patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy found that those who took a benfotiamine supplement had a reduction in their pain.

Vitamin B12 has also been shown to reduce neuropathic pain and other common symptoms. Most B12 supplements contain cyanocobalamin, which is a common form of the vitamin. For cyanocobalamin to be effective, the body needs to convert it to methylcobalamin.

This Neuropathy Support Formula cuts out the middleman, as it contains methylcobalamin. Like benfotiamine, methyl B12 is more easily absorbed by the body. Another benefit of methyl B12 over cyanocobalamin is that the body loses its ability to convert cyanocobalamin to methyl B12 as it gets older. In some cases, people taking standard B12 supplements are only absorbing 1% of the vitamins they take.

How does methyl B12 work? A study, published in the Journal of Neurological Science, has suggested that it helps nerves regenerate and that it increases protein synthesis. With the right dosage, B12 can help the body grow new, healthy, pain-free nerves.

The third active ingredient included is R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. It’s a fat and water soluble antioxidant. Like B1 and B12, R-ALA isn’t the only form of ALA available. But it’s the form of ALA is most easily absorbed by the body.

Additionally, R-ALA is one of the few molecules that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. That ability allows it to work quickly and effectively. R-ALA helps improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the nerves, which can reduce the pain and burning common with neuropathy.

Since it is an antioxidant, R-ALA can help combat free radicals. Those free radicals are often a major cause of nerve damage.

Let's Talk About Benefits - Does The Supplement Actually Work?

The unique combination of herbs and vitamins in Neuropathy Support Formula has several benefits over similar supplements and over other treatments for neuropathy. One major benefit is the speed with which it works. It’s recommended that you take the supplement for at least four months. Results do vary, but some people have seen an improvement in their symptoms in as little as one week.

It is important to check with your doctor before starting any supplement or medication. But another benefit is that it usually doesn’t interact with other medicines.

One last benefits is that the ingredients are safe. The ingredients are sourced from nature. They are screened for heavy metals and pesticides and are lab tested for purity and potency. Each ingredient is tested to make sure the body can easil and safely process and digest it too.

The Neuropathy Support Formula is made in the USA. The manufacturing process meets or exceeds US standards and the facility is audited twice a year by a third party.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and Aspirin often have their fair share of side effects. Even some herbal or vitamin supplements often have side effects.

During clinical trials of the active ingredients used, no negative side effects were reported. Many of those clinical trials used doses that were considerably higher than the dose included in the formula.

That means you can expect little to no side effects when taking it. This has be consistent with user reviews of the supplement with most customers sharing positive results rather than negative side effects.

Warnings & Complaints

Complaints about Nerve Renew are few and far between. However, there are a few minor things to be aware of.

1. Automated Billing - There are however a few concerns from customers about automatic billing. Keep in mind that subscribing to a monthly delivery is 100% optional. You can purchase 1 bottle, 3 bottles, or save a bit of money by opting into a subscription.

2. Time To Notice Results - Sometimes it takes 3-6 months of product usage to experience results. This is partly due to the fact that everyone's symptoms and individual biochemistry is different. So don't experience overnight miracles when taking this supplement. That is not what it is for or what it promises. I doubt any nerve supplements can deliver overnight results, so have realistic expectations.

The good news is, The Neuropathy Treatment Group stands behind their product so much that they offer a very impressive money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the results you get, you have up to one full year to receive 100% your money back.

Reviews from Users

Still not convinced that Nerve Renew is worth a try? More than 170,000 people have tried it. Read some of the customer reviews to hear what they said:

  • Michael Brady had suffered from diabetic neuropathy for 10 years. After trying the supplement, he said that he has “finally found an effective product. Now after months on the product, my neuropathy symptoms are almost gone.”
  • Judy Brinker suffered from neuropathy in her hands and feet. The product really made a difference in her life. She writes, “after the second bottle I have a lot of feeling back in my hands and the pain in my feet has improved a lot.”
  • Dr. Clark Stansil describes the Neuropathy Support Formula as miraculous and has recommended the supplement to his podiatrist. He noticed results within a week, after suffering from nerve pain for 10 years.
  • DJ Spears has seen an improvement in nerve pain after using the product. He is also happy that he no longer has to purchase multiple bottles of vitamins and is getting results from just one product.
  • Inez Corey suffered from fibromyalgia for 14 years. She’s seen numerous doctors and taken countless medications. The support formula has helped wean her off of those medicines completely. She writes, “I am very thankful to have discovered your formula. I am telling everybody about the product!”

Our Final Opinion: Is It An Effective Treatment Solution or A Scam?

The benefits sound almost too good to be true, I can see how it’s easy to wonder if this is a scam. But after thousands of customers have seen the results for themselves, it becomes clear that this is simply something that works.

Not only does this supplement work, it is also much more affordable than other options. Purchasing multiple B vitamins and ALA supplements adds up. Some customers were spending more than $100 per month before they found Nerve Renew.

Plus, it offers a money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your results, you can get a refund.

Neuropathy Treatment Group has a earned an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. That means it meets the organization’s accreditation standards and aims to resolve any customer disputes or complaints.

Where to Buy

After reading about the all of the benefits and success stories from users, you might be ready to give it a try. Before you run out to Walgreens, GNC, Walmart or head over to Amazon, you need to know the only place to buy Nerve Renew for the best price is directly on the Neuropathy Treatment Group website.

You can try it for free for 2-weeks or order a one month supply. All purchases are backed by a 365-day no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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